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 The Vira Electric Accreditation Laboratory, by conducting various tests, has promoted the quality improvement of products as its main goal and has always been a guarantee of quality.


In this regard, some of the tests performed on a variety of samples are:


1) Test durability test:


 This test examines the power of interconnection and durability in normal operation of sockets and switches. In this test, the durability of normal operation is 40,000 disconnects for keys of 10 to 16 amps and 250 volts, and for the switches there are 10,000 switching states.


2) Insulation Resistance Test against Abnormal Heat and Fire:


 This test is performed by the Globeweaver at temperatures of 650, 750 and 850 degrees Celsius for different test specimens.


3) Heat resistance test:


This test was carried out by an oven and the test specimens were heated at a temperature of ± 2 ° C ± 100 ° C without weight and at a temperature of ± 125 ° C.


4) Insulation resistance and electrical resistance:


 An insulating resistive test is measured by a gigger and one minute after a direct voltage of 500 volts is measured. To test the electrical resistance of the voltage with a practically sinusoidal waveform and at 50 Hz for one minute, the test pieces are applied and the test voltage Supplies with nominal voltage up to 130 V, 1250 V, and for devices with a voltage higher than 130 V, 2000 V.


5) Moisture Resistance Test:


 This test was performed by a SALT SPRAY device at a temperature of (70 ± 2) ° C for 7 hours a day to test for aging resistance with a moisture content of 91 to 95% and a temperature of 20 to 30 ° C for 48 hours for testing. Resistance to moisture is achieved.


6) Protection test against electric shock:


This test is performed by a test piece. An electric indication is used to indicate electrical contact with a voltage of at least 40 volts and a maximum of 50 volts. We move the test on the sample surface, if the electrical contact is made, the siren will sound.


7) mechanical endurance test:


 This test is carried out by the impact test device, which in this test affects 5 different strokes with different fall height to different parts of the test piece.

Vira electrical products have been made using world-class technology that have succeeded in obtaining domestic and international standards in spite of ensuring the efficiency and management of the system