1. Test finger

    Protection against the risk of electric shock, no contact of the test finger with the electrical parts

  2. Voltages

    Electrical endurance test, 2000V AC voltage tolerance

  3. Miger

    Insulation resistance test of applied voltage of 500 volts DC

  4. Durability test

    Normal work test for switch 40,000 times and for socket 10,000 times

  5. Impact test

    Mechanical endurance test, impact impact

  6. Glover

    Insulation resistance to abnormal heat and fire of inflamed wire test at 650 ° C and 850 ° C

  7. Furnace

    Heat resistance, temperature test at 100 ° C and ball pressure test at 125 ° C

  8. Humidity test

    Resistance to aging and turbidity Test at +70.2 ° C for 7 days